Company information


MN CONSULTORS EN CIÈNCIES DE LA CONSERVACIÓ was set up with the mission of helping to preserve the only truly universal heritage: Nature. We believe in a duty to preserve life on Earth; in all its forms. And we accept the challenge.

We believe that preserving biodiversity is humanity’s highest obligation to future generations, and we also believe in our species’ talent and perseverance to meet the greatest challenges. Science is without a doubt the best synthesis and expression of our abilities and we are therefore motivated by one conviction:

If Human in Nature is the challenge, Human Nature, is the solution.

Activity & Services

MN CONSULTORS EN CIÈNCIES DE LA CONSERVACIÓ (Conservation Science Consultants) is an independent company set up in 1998. Its corporate purpose is to provide consulting and engineering services aimed at the study, planning, management and restoration of Mediterranean ecosystems and their biological diversity.

Aware that the future of our ecosystems will be decided by the environmental policies and decisions adopted at different levels of government, the firm’s work concentrates on supplying knowledge and technical/scientific services for authorities and government agencies. It also advises private companies whose activities have an impact on land and its natural systems.

Working principally in the field of biology and civil engineering, MN has carved out a position as a leading consulting team in the field of studying and managing biodiversity. Its main specialist fields include river ecology, applied zoology and the biology of endangered species, the study and conservation of natural flora, vegetation habitats and their management and restoration through civil engineering.

MN offers specialist research services and technical, scientific and legal advice in the areas of preparing studies, designing environmental policy and strategy, drawing up planning regulations and instruments, resolving conflicts over regional and infrastructure planning and drawing up and implementing restoration plans for natural habitats and landscape.

This work is organised in three operational areas: MN Biodiversity, MN Engineering and MN Legal.