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MN promotes the foundation of BIOSCICAT, the Catalan Society of Sciences for the Conservation of Biodiversity

  • MN will collaborate with Bioscicat promoting projects for the conservation of biological richness
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MN participates in its foundation, and will carry through BIOSCICAT its corporate commitment for the conservation of biodiversity

Its mission is to contribute in the fight against the biological crisis of Earth, especially suffered by Iberian ecosystems

It proposes the construction of a common thought of admiration and respect for all forms of life as a defining element of our society

Tarragona, December 14, 2016

MN promotes the birth of BIOSCICAT (Catalan Society of Sciences for the Conservation of Biodiversity), a scientific entity determined to open the eyes of society to the beauty of Life.

Its foundation has been made possible by the participation of innumerable people linked to the scientific and technical world of biological conservation, and has had the support of MN Consultants, who would carry through Biosciat, in future, all the efforts and resources it destines to the conservation within the framework of its corporate commitment.

Bioscicat’s challenge is to help confronting Earth’s biological crisis, and especially the loss of biodiversity in iberian ecosystems, the greatest treasure of European biodiversity. And the proposal of this new scientific society’s is to use the arguments of Life Sciences and the seductive beauty of Nature to convince and transform our attitude to that problem. Explore, discover biodiversity, and bring it closer to that part of our society alien to it; That is the challenge

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December 2016

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