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MN CONSULTORS EN CIÈNCIES DE LA CONSERVACIÓ was set up with the mission of helping to preserve the only truly universal heritage: Nature. We believe in a duty to preserve life on Earth; in all its forms. And we accept the challenge.

We believe that preserving biodiversity is humanity’s highest obligation to future generations, and we also believe in our species’ talent and perseverance to meet the greatest challenges. Science is without a doubt the best synthesis and expression of our abilities and we are therefore motivated by one conviction:

If Human in Nature is the challenge, Human Nature, is the solution.

MN Commitment

MN collaborates in the worldwide recognition (UNESCO) of the "Priorat-Montsant-Siurana" landscape

MN is close to local initiatives for appreciation of landscape and heritage. In this regard, MN works with the association Prioritat, which aim of is to build the nomination "Priorat-Montsant-Siurana" to the distinction as World Cultural Heritage, awarded by UNESCO.

The outstanding universal value, authenticity and integrity of this mediterranean mountain agricultural landscape are key elements that must be explained, argued and demonstrated in the so called application dossier. MN contribution to this project focuses on supporting the drafting of specific chapters of the above mentioned dossier, in which our company collaborates with expert staff and a complete document collection. MN supports nomination by interpreting Priorat’s natural heritage and the relationships between landscape, ecosystems and biodiversity.

Currently, the Priorat-Montsant-Siurana nomination is included in the spanish tentative list, a prerequisite for evaluation by the competent bodies.

Stakeholders involved
Associació PRIORITAT
UNESCO. World Heritage Center
September 2014

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