Developing of a methodology for the analysis and mapping of tranquility at territorial level

Tranquility is an ancient and everyday concept which can be defined as a mood of peace or harmony or, in other words, free from concern. And it is also an increasingly scarce good in the context of modern societies. Currently, as a result of a busy life, a growing part of the population considers tranquility –either consciously or not- as a basic component -even the most

Taphonomic study of prey remains in different nests of golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) from Iberian Northeast

The golden eagle is one of the large and powerful Palearctic raptors, being the largest eagle of the Iberian Peninsula. After a period of regression until the late 80s, it is currently recovering its populations in much of its potential range. It feeds on a wide variety of prey from arthropods to ungulates such as wild goat or chamois, although its main and most preferred prey, if available, is the rabbit.

Implementation of various projects habitat management and prey species of large raptors (Bonelli's and Golden eagles) in the Catalan pre-coastal mountain range

In recent decades there has been a widespread loss of population and crop abandonment in Mediterranean mountains, which is causing some changes either in the structure of the landscape and in the presence or abundance of certain habitats and species. Due to the process of afforestation associated with this