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We launched the European Life ALNUS project

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The European Life ALNUS project was born under the title "Restoration, Conservation and Governance of alluvial forests of Alnus glutinosa in the Mediterranean biogeographic region".

The aim of the project is to test new conceptual and methodological approaches that are pioneers in the study, conservation and restoration of the riparian ecosystems of the Mediterranean biogeographic region called "Alluvial forests of Alnus glutinosa and Fraxinus excelsior".

It is a project in which the European Community participates as a partner. It contributes by paying 75% of the cost through the financial instrument 'LIFE Nature & Biodiversity'. The total budget of the project is 2.5 million euros and its duration is four years.

MN Consultants, in charge of who has relayed the technical and scientific conception of the project, is also a member of it. In future, MN’s responsibility will be the development of preliminary studies which are necessary in order to face the design of the habitat conservation strategy, as well as the elaboration of the plans in which this strategy will be reflected. From that moment on, the rest of the partners will be responsible for executing out the planned conservation measures.

MN Consultants also provides financing in the framework of its CSR activity (Corporate Social Responsibility). (See also MN COMMITMENT)

In addition to the European Community and MN Consultants, are also partners in the project the Catalan Water Agency, the Forest Science and Technology Center of Catalonia (CTFC), the La Pedrera Foundation, the Balmes University Foundation (University of Vic). / Central University of Catalonia), and the City Hall of Granollers.

Throughout the four years of the project, all the information related to it will be available through the project website:

Agentes implicados
- Catalan Water Agency
- Catalonian Foundation La Pedrera
- Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia
- Town council of Granollers
- Universitary Foundation of Balmes-CERM
March 2018

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