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Premiere of "The Blue Skin Islands", a sensory tribute to the Balearic Islands produced by MN Films ©

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On Friday, March 1, coinciding with the commemoration of the Balearic Islands Day, the short film "The Blue Skin Islands" was premiered, an audiovisual tribute to the fragile beauty of the Balearic skin, and a tribute to women and men that merged with the nature of these islands to found in them a landscape of an irresistible sensuality.

The short film has been produced by MN Films © for the Catalan Society of Sciences for the Conservation of Biodiversity (BioSciCat) within the framework of our action in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and has counted on the selfless collaborations of Maria del Mar Bonet (interpretation of the "Cant de la Sibil·la"), and the record company Picap © (Rights of the album "Amic, Amat").

Through it, BioSciCat aims to help forge between the heirs of this land the awareness that, the slow destruction of that skin, will end up leading to the disappearance of an aesthetic and a magical and poetic way of understanding life.

More information on the WEB of the "Islands of the Blue Skin"

Enjoy it in 4K on Vimeo

March 2019

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