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MN develops a project for the Montsant Natural Park for the conservation of the fauna of the Montsant River.

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MN provides technical assistance to the Montsant Natural Park, aimed at conserving the biodiversity of river ecosystems, with a project that aims to increase information on the species of interest and also the detection and control of invasive species in the Montsant river.


These works carried out under the protection of RESOLUTION TES / 2920/2019, of November 8, calling for subsidies to natural spaces in Catalonia, habitats and species aims to increase knowledge about the distribution of the populations of some species considered to be of interest and linked to the fluvial habitats of the river Montsant. Among the species studied of which the situation of their populations will be assessed, we find the southwestern water vole, the white-clawed crayfish, the Mediterranean pond turtle. 

On the other hand, the project also intends to act on invasive species, monitoring the size of the invasions of some species such as the red-eared slider or the Louisiana crawfish, in order to implement management work. 

Finally, it is intended to address the control and eradication of the American mink within the Montsant river basin. This river basin can prevent the contact of the populations of the species in the centre of Catalonia with the Ebro River. 

The project responds to a criterion of opportunity within the framework of the Rural Development Program of Catalonia 2014-2020 for the year 2020 and to operation 04.04.01 referring to actions in species, habitats and landscapes, which is co-financed by the European Union through of FEDAR (43%) and the Department of Territory and Sustainability (57%).

October 2020

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