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Signed an agreement to promote studies on the biology of 'Lluciapomaresius panteli' and to design the strategy for its conservation

  • Lluciapomaresius pantelli (Navás, 1899), the bushcricket of Montsant
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Last February an agreement between the Natural Park of Montsant (Regional Government of Catalonia) and MN Consultants was signed with the aim of establishing a collaboration framework to facilitate the promotion of new studies on the biology of Lluciapomaresius panteli, the bushcricket of Montsant.

The Natural Park, taking into account the apparently restricted distribution of this unique orthopteran, and as the main responsible for the management of this specie and its habitats, has considered essential to establish a strategy to set out the basis for its conservation.

On the other hand, MN Consultors has initiated studies in order to achieve a better understanding of its biology and autoecology, clarify their geographical distribution and demographics of its populations, and diagnose the conservation of the habitats status on which the bushcricket depends. [Go to 'Studies on th biology of Lluciapomareiuis panteli’]

In this framework, the Natural Park of Montsant and MN Consultors have underwritten an agreement focused to collaborate on the promotion of the base-studies required to advance on Lluciapomaresius panteli’s biology, and to define the management strategies that should be adopted to ensure its conservation. In parallel a communication strategy will be also been developed in order to aware society on the importance of preserving this treasure of Iberian natural heritage.

December 2014
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